Latest Update

Hey, we updated this site again! How about that? And it’s to inform you that Sergio will be a special guest at the Super-Con in Oakland, California, which occurs May 20 and 21. He will not be a guest this year at the Motor City Comic Con, which takes place the same weekend in Novi, Michigan. Somehow, no one knows how, Sergio got booked for two conventions in two different states on the same weekend, which is why he was advertised for the latter. He’s fast but not that fast.

Convention Schedule

Sergio will be a guest at the Big Apple Con in New York City, April 1-3 and is looking forward to meeting all his fans from in and around the area. Also, if you’d like to see what he’ll be doing at the WonderCon in San Francisco in February, take a gander at this page over on Mark’s site.

Sergio and Mark Go To S.F.

Sergio and Mark will take time out from working on the proposed Groo movie to attend the WonderCon in San Francisco, February 18-20. There will be a Sergio-Mark panel, a rousing game of “Quick Draw” and many other fun events. See you there.