Links is the home page of Mark Evanier, Sergio’s collaborator and the operator of this website.  That’s why his site goes first.

Josh Jones runs an authorized Groo fan site over at  You will also find info there on how to join the Groo Mailing List, which is an e-mail club for fans of the silly barbarian.

Sergio has been working for MAD Magazine for more than 40 years.

Our friend Stan Sakai is one of the finest cartoonists working today.  You can read all about him and his splendid creation, Usagi Yojimbo, over at

Equally gifted is the gent who colors Groo and creates other fine works of art, Tom Luth.

Some of Sergio’s current comic book work is published by the fine folks over at Dark Horse Comics. And some of his current comic book work is published by the also-fine folks over at Bongo Comics.

Sergio is a proud member of The National Cartoonists Society.

You might enjoy visiting the website of Sergio’s amigo, cartoonist Scott Shaw!

A number of Sergio’s fellow MAD contributors (aka The Usual Gang of Idiots) have websites.  Go drop in on Dick DeBartolo, Drew Friedman, Hermann Mejia, Monte Woolverton, Peter Kuper, Rick Tulka, Tom Richmond and Tom Bunk.

And there will be more links here soon.