Welcome to 2021!

As any fool can plainly see, Sergio’s blog has been inactive lately. His blog, however, has been…and will be more active in the future.

In the meantime, go visit the sparking new Groo website. And you can hear all about the new Groo Meets Tarzan mini-series now available at your favorite comic book shop and probably even at some you don’t like very much.

And to answer the most-often-asked question we get here:  At the moment, Sergio has no convention appearances scheduled.  When he does, we promise to post about them here.

Sergio Goes Batty!

DC Comics is now offering a statue of Batman sculpted by Jim Shoop but designed by Sergio. Consult your local comic book shop.

Sergio on Hiatus!

As some of you may have heard over on Mark Evanier’s weblog, Sergio has been experiencing back problems.  For just about the first time in his life, he has had to take time out from drawing.

He still has work upcoming in MAD and will try to get back to the drawing table in time to not break his streak there.  Sergio has not missed being in an issue since #111, which was dated June of 1967.  His comic Sergio Aragonés Funnies will probably have to suspend publication for a brief time. And the Groo Vs. Conan mini-series will also experience a delay. #1 will come out on schedule in April but then there will be a gap before the remaining three issues appear. We’ll alert you on this site (and Mark will alert you on his) when it’s known just how long that gap will be.

Sergio also regrets that he’ll be canceling all convention appearances for the next few months. That means he will not be at WonderCon in March or the Boston Comic Con in April. He’s still hoping to be at the Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose in May. Stay tuned for more details.

Sergio the Exhibitionist

Well, obviously we haven’t kept to our New Year’s Resolution about updating this page more often. But this is such an important announcement that we had to get off our duffs…

The Ojai Valley Museum located at 130 W. Ojai Avenue in Ojai, California announced today that it will be mounting “Mad About Sergio,” a first ever retrospective exhibit of the work of world famous Mad Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragonés, an Ojai resident.

The exhibit, scheduled from August 7 – October 4, 2009, will feature original work by the artist as well as inform the viewer about the process of cartooning. Also featured will be wood carvings and other artwork that Sergio produces while he is thinking about his next cartoon concept. An opening reception will be held on August 22 from 5-7 p.m.

As an internationally known cartoonist for over 50 years, Sergio is known as the fastest cartoonist in the world. He is certainly the most honored, having won every major award in the field, including the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award and the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award. He has published over twenty books, created several comic book series and has animated numerous television programs.

He will be speaking and demonstrating his amazing talent at museum Sunday Gatherings during the exhibit. The first Sunday Gathering will be on August 30 when the subject will be “Cartooning with Sergio.” On the closing date of the exhibit, October 4, the Sunday Gathering subject will be “Sergio on Comics and Humor.”

The Ojai Valley Museum and Historical Society dedicates itself to bridging the past and the future through stewardship of our community’s heritage. Founded in 1966 by dedicated volunteers, the Ojai Valley Museum and Historical Society today is directed and managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees, a small part-time staff and volunteer members of the Ojai community. This very strong group has managed to encourage and support many outstanding exhibits including art, photography, local history, student art and in December a very special exhibit being created in collaboration with the Ojai Green Coalition.

The Museum is housed in a 1919 Mead & Requa early Mission Revival structure, the former St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church – the only building in Ojai on the National Register of Historic Places. For additional information check out the Ojai Valley Museum website.

Hollow Promise

It’s a new year and believe it or not, we’re going to start updating this site more regularly. Keep an eye on it.

Buyer Beware!

With all the real sketches Sergio does, it’s amazing someone should go to the trouble of forging one but people do.  Presently on eBay, someone is selling what Sergio himself calls “a fake and not a good one.”  There are a lot of phony drawings on eBay that are attributed to your favorite cartoonists so proceed with caution.  If a piece of art looks even slightly suspicious, that’s a good reason not to buy it.

Important-Type Announcement

Please note: At this time, it is not possible to send e-mail to Sergio through this site. We’ll let you know if and when it is.