Sergio on Hiatus!

As some of you may have heard over on Mark Evanier’s weblog, Sergio has been experiencing back problems.  For just about the first time in his life, he has had to take time out from drawing.

He still has work upcoming in MAD and will try to get back to the drawing table in time to not break his streak there.  Sergio has not missed being in an issue since #111, which was dated June of 1967.  His comic Sergio Aragonés Funnies will probably have to suspend publication for a brief time. And the Groo Vs. Conan mini-series will also experience a delay. #1 will come out on schedule in April but then there will be a gap before the remaining three issues appear. We’ll alert you on this site (and Mark will alert you on his) when it’s known just how long that gap will be.

Sergio also regrets that he’ll be canceling all convention appearances for the next few months. That means he will not be at WonderCon in March or the Boston Comic Con in April. He’s still hoping to be at the Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose in May. Stay tuned for more details.